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Greenwood Mushrooms brings you an extensive selection of high-quality mushrooms for the retail market. From everyday cooking needs to gourmet culinary applications, our retail line is designed to cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences. As your comprehensive source for mushrooms, we're here to meet all your culinary needs.


Our Retail Mushroom Varieties

Our retail offerings include a range of white mushrooms and exotic varieties, each available in various sizes and packaging options. Whether you're looking for classic favorites like Portabella and Shiitake or interested in exploring more unique varieties like Maitake and Enoki, we have something for everyone.

White Mushrooms
8 oz, 8 oz Sliced, 10 oz & Sliced, 14 oz & Sliced, 16 oz & Sliced, 40 oz & Sliced
Crimini Mushrooms
8 oz & Sliced, 10 oz & Sliced, 12 oz
Portabella Mushrooms
6 oz x 6pk, 6 oz x 8 pk
Oyster Mushrooms
Available in various sizes
Exotic Varieties
Maitake, Enoki, and more available in assorted sizes

Additional Produce Offerings

Beyond mushrooms, Greenwood Mushrooms also offers a selection of other produce items to complement your culinary creations.

4/5 Peeled, #30 Loose, 5 Pack
#30 Loose
4/5 Peeled, 8/4 Bags
Fresh options available

And many more. If there's something specific you're looking for, just ask. We're always happy to help you find the perfect ingredients for your kitchen.

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