About  Us

Family Values and a Tradition of Quality

The Mushroom Capital of the world. Greenwood Mushrooms has been a family owned and operated business for three generations. We have over 60 years of growing experience.
The business has grown from being a local provider of fresh mushrooms to a grower, packer and and shipper of a variety of mushrooms and produce products.

Why Choose Greenwood

With Greenwood Mushrooms, you're choosing a partner that values reliability, scale, and quality. Our extensive operations are designed to meet your needs, delivering the freshest mushrooms directly from our farm to your business.

Cultivation Mastery

Our 12-week cycle ensures optimal freshness and firmness, reflecting expertise from spore to store.

Freshness First
Skilled harvesters and a strict cold chain mean you get mushrooms at their peak, every time.
Uncompromised Quality
Our mushrooms, nurtured in pristine conditions, offer quality you can taste.
Agile Operations
We combine large-scale production with quick, decisive action to deliver freshness efficiently.
Efrain Lara
All staff committed to the client to deliver a 100% product of the best quality.
Jere Johnson
Great people great product.
Keekee Kyrie
The staff is very patient and nice.
Juan Rangel
A good place to work and to improve yourself

Our Philosophy

Greenwood Mushrooms embodies a philosophy that merges tradition with innovation, ensuring every mushroom we harvest delivers unparalleled freshness and flavor. Our responsive, family-run operations allow for swift, eco-conscious decisions, reflecting our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship for generations to come.