Our Distribution Philosophy

At Greenwood Mushrooms, our distribution philosophy centers around timely delivery, maintaining the highest quality, and ensuring customer satisfaction. We understand that our clients rely on us for freshness and punctuality, and our comprehensive distribution network is designed to meet these expectations every day.

Local and National Reach

Our distribution network spans both local and national markets. From our base in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, we efficiently serve a wide range of clients, ensuring that our mushrooms reach them at peak freshness. Our strategic location allows us to effectively cover key markets and respond swiftly to our customers' needs.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Greenwood Mushrooms employs advanced logistics and supply chain management practices. We utilize a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles to maintain the quality of our mushrooms during transit. Our logistics team works tirelessly to optimize routes and delivery schedules, ensuring efficient and reliable distribution.


Distribution Regions and Schedule

Map and Schedule: A visual map showing the regions covered by Greenwood's distribution, accompanied by a delivery schedule highlighting one-day and two-day delivery zones


Our Commitment to Cold Chain Compliance

Maintaining the cold chain from farm to customer is vital in preserving the freshness and quality of our mushrooms. We adhere to strict cold chain compliance standards, with regular monitoring and quality checks. This commitment ensures that our mushrooms arrive in excellent condition, maintaining their taste and nutritional value.


Partner with Us

Interested in becoming a Greenwood Mushrooms distributor or have specific distribution needs? Contact us to explore how we can partner for success.